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All RHDS designs may be used for vertical applications. Some designs may be used for flooring applications but we do not recommend the use of our metal products in wet areas such as Showers or pools. While we know that metals are used in those applications we also know that if the clear coat is damaged the process of aging will begin and we choose not to recommend our products for those installations. If RHDS metal coated products are used in wet areas it voids any warranty expressed or implied.

Due to the natural variation in all handmade products all dimensions are approximate. Installation should not begin until the products are on site and have been measured by qualified installation professionals. There will be variation in color, shade, tone and small variations in size in our metal coated products. The variations noted only enhance the natural beauty and uniqueness of the products.

Please note that the material when received may not be exactly like the materials on concept boards that have been grouted, cleaned, polished or sealed at some time in the past.

Flooring designs have low relief so the metal does not sit above the field tile surrounding it. Designs with high relief are not to be used in flooring applications. The metal coatings and tile designs can be cut with a wet or dry saw and if installed properly and sealed correctly the metal coating will not chip, flake or come off from the cutting process.
Our metal coatings must be kept away from heat sources. We recommend at least  8  inches above
   and 6" back from any heat source.

Liners, moldings, chair rails etc... must not be used on floors.


Contact your installation contractor for proper installation. When grouting with sanded grout care should be taken to grout with the correct tools & techniques to not damage the surface of the stone or metal.

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