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To avoid damaging your metal finish and to protect the natural beauty of each finish, please follow the Care Information carefully.

Metal coatings are real metal and are considered to be a living finish. As the metal ages it will take on its own natural beauty and finish if left unprotected.

Natural metal Finishes - These finishes do not have a protective coating and will oxidize, patina or rust and age naturally depending on the metal. The metals may be enhanced with a variety of products and wax can be applied as well. Never use harsh cleaners or soft scrub cleaners on your metal. Harsh chemicals may damage the finish. Extra Fine 0000 Steel Wool gently rubbed on the surface will remove any unwanted patina, oxidation or rust. Buff with a clean soft cloth and add a metal polish or wax to protect the surface as required for your use.

Clear Coated Finishes - These finishes have a protective clear coat and will protect the metal finish from oxidation, patina or rust and the effects of nature on the metals. Care must be taken not to scratch or mark the clear coat. If the surface is damaged and air and moisture are allowed under the coating the aging process will begin and all warranties are voided. Never use harsh cleaners or soft scrub cleaners on your metal finish. Harsh chemicals may damage the finish.

All of the other materials used in our designs should be sealed including grout once the hydration process has taken place. The process of drying so no moisture is trapped below the surface will vary in different climates.

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