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Our metal coatings have a living finish and if left unprotected will age naturally over time.

When the metal coatings are protected with a clear coat they will look the same over time as long as the coating is not damaged.

RHDS uses proprietary blend of metal and binder that is applied using a cold process that can be applied to virtually any substrate to create the look and feel of solid cast metal. The weight added per square foot with our process is about 4 ounces per square foot at 7-10 mil thickness. The process provides the durability of solid metal is non corrosive and does not conduct electricity.

RHDS uses a blend of polyurethane and filler additives for our substrate on all  cast products. Some products may be a coated substrate, this depends on the complexity of the part and usually one off custom products will not have a mold made.

Our metals with or without a clear coat can be used for interior or exterior applications, but note that live metal without a clear coat will change naturally as all metals do. The metal can be cut with a wet or dry saw.

floor applications are acceptable as long as they are flat and do not have have a great deal of relief. Please note that if clear coated the clear coat will protect the metal, but over time with traffic the top coat will require maintenance.

Although many customer request metal in wet areas such as showers and or pool we do not recommend this application.

If the metal is to be used near a heat source, such as around a fireplace or cook top it is recommend that there is at least 8 inch distance from the heat source. Failure to follow this recommendation will void all warranties.

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